2-Sided Board, Role Cards, Evidence, etc...




Danger on a Dirigible is an exciting game of hidden identities, deduction and critical board movement.  Passengers are desperately searching for saboteurs.  Saboteurs are covertly trying to execute nefarious plans without giving themselves away.  Neither group knows who is friend or foe.  Saboteurs and their bombs must be discovered and defused before the timers elapse with devastation.  However, the agents of destruction are very well hidden among the other passengers, and only have to keep at least one bomb undiscovered by the timers' end to win.

Plays in approximately 45-60 mins, for 6-12 players, aged 13 and up.  Scroll down for full Rules and Gameplay Walk-through (pdf downloadable)


Double-sided, tri-fold Board

Sunrise Takeoff (6-7 players), Twilight Tour (8-12 players)

Evidence Tiles

Saboteur (bomb), Innocent Passenger (clothes), back of tiles

Character Tiles

Round Track/Lead Sleuth Card, Meeples to match Character Tiles, bag for Evidence Tiles.

Rules Set

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